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August 24, 2012

We didn’t actually hike 20 miles, because we didn’t make it to the top. Luckily the side of the mountain has lots of beautiful things too. Like this little tree that had been strangled by a big tree.


This must be close to Fish Creek Saddle, where we camped. I like the names they have on mountains. “Dry Lake” and “Big Tree” and “Poopout Hill.” The mountain itself is nicknamed “Old Greyback.” Isn’t that nice?


On Sunday we got up in time to see the sunrise. Here the light is filtered through the rain tarp thing, which was hanging up to dry. I can’t decide if the tarp ruins the picture or makes it.


One of the good things about Eric is that he sings in the morning. Here he is stirring some hot cereal over a camping stove while singing “Boots With the Fur” by Flo Rida.




August 24, 2012

I slept on Mount San Gorgonio last weekend. Here’s how it happened:

Eric:  Want to go camping?

Me:   Will there be bathrooms?

Eric:  Not exactly.

I’m one of those people who thinks I’m roughing it when I buy recycled toilet paper instead of the quilted kind. But I thought it over, and decided Eric on a toiletless mountain was clearly better than a toilet in an Ericless apartment.

Two days later, we were wandering around REI shopping for a bed roll and dehydrated beef stroganoff.

Eric:  What kind of shoes do you have?

Me:   Regular.

Eric:  Hmm. It’s a pretty long hike. But you’ll be fine.

Me:   Long long?

Eric:  Nah, like 20 miles.

I added “blisters” under “pooing in hole” to my mental list of things to worry about.

On the morning of the hike, I took a moment to review the list out loud.

Me:   What if we run out of water? What if we get lost? Will there be bears?

Eric:  Nah. Just lemme know if the altitude gets to you.

Me:   Altitude?

Turns out it was a tall mountain. I got a headache. It rained. And somehow, just like Eric promised, I was fine.

Better than fine.