Dear beautiful friends and family

When I was little and my father went to Europe on business trips (ok, spy business trips) he always sent postcards home. These bore exotic stamps from places like Istanbul, Budapest and Lisbon, and described the things he saw – train stations, statuary, old men in fishing caps.

I always looked forward to the postcards, almost as much as the souvenirs: one year an amber necklace, another year a leather vest and a box of Turkish Delight candy (which does look delightful – pale pastel squares dusted in confectioner’s sugar – but turns out to be a supersweet disappointment made of starch, rose water, and suspended pieces of pistachio, rather like a gelatinous fruit cake).

The point is, you won’t be getting any postcards from me. Nor souvenirs, so don’t get your hopes up. But I am going to try to keep a blog. And to make it unchorelike for both of us, the entries will be 200 words or less – about the length of a postcard with really tiny writing.

I miss you already. I hope to hear from you soon.




8 Responses to “Dear beautiful friends and family”

  1. kyomorishima Says:

    if you can, add pictures to your 200 word messages! i want to see what london looks like from your iphone.


  2. Stephanie Says:

    Love the blog. Did you get the apt with the bathtub in the living room? Hope your holidays are good — we won’t be in DC but enjoy the snow. Love,

  3. Carol Sinko Says:

    I’ve seen your tiny handwriting. You could easily fit 400 words on a postcard!

  4. Bonnie Says:

    I have read all your blogs at once and laughed out loud and am looking forward to more–loved the photos, too.

  5. Sharon Says:

    I knew about your blog early-on but somehow missed following up after the one about apartments. Just read all and loved them. You should write a book.

  6. Linda Says:

    Just read your blog and loved it. You have inspired Rachel, Claire’s friend, to write a blog while she is abroad. She’ll be in Leeds for the semester

  7. Marcy Williams Says:

    I’ve so enjoyed reading your posts, Krista! I’ll look forward to reading more. (Amanda & Shelley’s aunt from Oklahoma)

  8. hey, that tickles Says:

    i love the way you write. thanks for sharing. like chocolate-covered raisins, 200 words, if you use them all, is just the right amount — but less is also yummy.

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