Here’s what we know:

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by Pilgrims and Indians in Plymouth. They feasted on the traditional turkey, except it was more of a side (the mains being fish and stale popcorn) and the actual first Thanksgiving was in St. Augustine, Florida, not Massachusetts, unless you count the one celebrated in Leiden before the Pilgrims even got on the Mayflower.

At first, Thanksgiving was observed on different days by different states. Lincoln took it national in 1863 and since then it’s always been the last Thursday of November, except since 1941 when FDR made it the fourth Thursday of November, which is usually (but not always) the same thing.

All you need for Thanksgiving is roast turkey, unless you’re Mexican, in which case it could be a mole, or vegetarian, in which case no bird. It’s nice to start the meal by saying grace, unless you’re Jewish, Muslim, atheist or ________. Honestly, the only Thanksgiving non-negotiable is being American, and being with family. Unless you’re a friend, or foreign, in which case come on over anyway.

Because really, all you need for Thanksgiving is thanks. And we all have something to be grateful for, all of us.


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