This is my last entry about my road trip. I drove 4,500-something miles through 13 states.

I think my car probably needs an oil change.


I got some great photos that didn’t quite fit in previous entries. Like this one of Amanda welcoming the world to Wall Drug. (Where they sell 5-cent coffee to go with their homemade donuts and pecan sticky buns: soooo worth it.)


And this one of me with my cousin Alex and his kids Millie, Ruth, and Henry. Millie and Henry and I had never met before. Henry just gazed at me. He’s hard to read. But Millie walked right up and said, “Hi Krista, I’m Millie!” I said, “You’re pretty shy, aren’t you?” And Millie said, “No, I’m not!”


The burros in Custer State Park. They make their living by begging for junk food from tourists.


Baby burro!


This man saw me taking pictures of Pittsburgh, which is apparently an unusual enough occurrence that he wanted to be in one.

So here he is.




I mean, really?


Jane, disappearing at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.



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